Laser Hair Removal

The hair is an issue that has captured the attention of women for ages, this is because they’ve always tried to make this procedure much less painful than it really is. The same has become a torture for millions of women who perform and those men who also opt for this alternative. Over the years, many were the experts (doctors, scientists,depilatories) that got more and more interested in this subject and began to seek ways to turn this into something painless and final (in most cases) . These investigations gave their fruits and their results led to laser hair removal.

The hair removal system is by means of a laser, which emits a light skin on a single wavelength, it focuses on the root of the hair to remove, this length is absorbed by the melanin in the hair but not by water that our skin contains. This procedure, explained briefly, allows the follicle and the hair matrix containing it to burn completely without leaving skin damage.